2017 | 10 minutes | Documentary 

ANYÁK, (Mothers in Hungarian) is a story of the motherhood experience of two women who belong to different ethnicities, cultures, and generations, and yet have a lot in common. 

Klara is a Hungarian woman in her 70s, a mother of a large family, who managed to bring up her children of mixed race in a safe environment in Communist Hungary in the 1980s. Sarah, the second of two anyak, is a Ugandan woman in her 30s, who is raising her daughter Tunde in Hungary today. 

The film reflects the issues of identity and belonging that are acute today both in Europe and across the world and is an invaluable source of a lesser-known history of Hungary. In light of global hostility against migrants, people of color, and religions, the film not only aims to tell the stories of motherhood but also to illustrate resistance and the challenges of being different. 

A film by Mayya Kelova, Andrea Kóbor, and Adina Tulegenova was produced for CEU Historical Narratives and the Moving Image course. 

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